I just read an article about a legal battle that I find rather interesting.

From the article:

Sandra Fitch, the woman in this case, was married to the plumber, Johnny Valentine, when she was hired by Fitch’s real estate company. Within a year, she and Fitch began an affair. She became pregnant by Fitch, but she told Valentine his suspicions about adultery were unfounded. Soon, though, Valentine had genetic tests done showing he was not the baby’s father. He sued for divorce and then he sued Fitch, who is worth $22 million, according to the Mississippi Supreme Court. The purpose of such a suit, the Mississippi high court said, is “the protection of the love, society, companionship, and comfort that form the foundation of a marriage.” Valentine said his marriage was normal until Fitch entered the picture. Sandra Fitch — she married her boss in 2002 — said she began her affair because she was unhappy in her marriage. Fitch, who also was married at the time the affair began, initially denied that he was the father of the baby, that he was involved with his employee or that he was giving her extra money. He eventually acknowledged his role. A jury awarded Valentine more than $750,000, including $112,000 in punitive damages. The state Supreme Court upheld the verdict. Shelby Duke Goza, Fitch’s lawyer, argues that the punitive damages in this case are a state-sanctioned penalty for intimate conduct, something the Supreme Court outlawed when it overturned state sodomy laws in 2003.

I’m wondering what Mormon thinkers (legally trained or not) have to say about this situation.

In the modern day, what penalty should there be, if any, for adultery?