This past Sunday my wife and I were released as Gospel Essentials teachers and sustained to a new calling – to work in the ward nursery.

This is a calling I’ve never had before … though I’ve taught in Primary (years ago).

We love kids, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Additionally, my wife is a pediatrician. So I guess that makes her a little extra qualified to care for children – though we hope they’ll come in healthy and stay healthy while they are with us.

We’re sharing the calling with another couple (who happen to be friends of ours) and at least one other person. So it’s not like it’s just us in there.

After the meeting at least a few individuals made a point of saying to me “that is my dream calling.” I think it was only women who said this. I believe they were completely sincere in what they were saying and I appreciated the positive feedback about the calling. Still, it was a unique response experience for me and it caught me a little off guard. I’ve held a wide variety of callings at the ward level and this is the only time anyone has told me they wanted a calling I had been given.

Maybe it’s safe ground to say that about a calling in the nursery. Having thought about it a little, I suspect it’s much more kosher for a woman to say “I want to be a nursery leader” than it is to say “I want to be the Relief Society president.” Of course no guy is ever going to say that serving in the nursery is his dream calling. That could be creepy.

I just thought I’d ask for input from people to see what I might learn. If you’ve had a calling in the ward nursery or witnessed positive things that have been helpful, please feel free to leave a comment.