Folks, it’s Colonel Tagore, reporting from the gender battlefront. There are some gender disparities in the Church that may not change anytime soon (e.g., women and the priesthood), but there are other battles well worth fighting. I come today with a success story.

A couple of months ago I wrote here how women are not allowed to give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting in my ward. I’m pleased to announce that after some persistence (and an open-minded bishop), the right to give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting has been extended to all (worthy?) women in our ward.

Buoyed with optimism from this victory, I’m stepping up the fight and heading into what will likely be a much more challenging battle: the mysterious Church policy of not posting the audio or video files of General Priesthood Meeting.

I don’t get it. The Church posts text, audio, and video files for all sessions of Conference, including the General Relief Society Meeting. But enigmatically, although the Church posts the text files of the General Priesthood Meeting, it does not post the audio or video files. Why? I don’t want to jump to any unfair conclusions here, but on its face, this seems pretty nonsensical.

If anyone has any insights on this issue, they are most welcome. Otherwise, I’m headed off to battle.

Tagore: Making the Church fair (and delightsome) for women, one obscure issue at a time.