I changed the title, guys, hope I didn’t confuse you.    I’m going to use this to get to know new people as they crop up.  Please tell us a little about yourselves :)

I am so curious about all you guys, but don’t have the time to interview you all, Thanksgiving coming and all.

So this is a post for you to answer all our questions about you and help us get to know you. It always bothers me when I see a new name that comes on, argues, then leaves. I worry they feel rejected and leave without giving us a real chance to make friends.

And I am all about the friendship:

So, please answer these questions and add anything else you’d like us to know.

  1. How did you find the bloggernacle, what drew you to blogging?
  2. Where were you born, are you LDS, were you raised in the church, how do you characterize yourself?
  3. Do you have a college degree?
  4. Are you married? Kids?
  5. Where do you live?
  6. Favorites:
    1. Food
    2. Color
    3. Movie
    4. Book
    5. TV show
    6. Blog (it’s okay if it’s not us, I love other blogs as well)
  7. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  8. What’s your pet peeve? (Most people say deep stuff like “insensitivity to the dichotomy of iconoclasm)

Then we will discuss your answers and share. I will share to get it started. I started blogging looking for something for the visiting convention, which is the suckiest calling the church and I’ve been stuck at for a total of 8 years and never will do again, although I love being a visiting teacher.

I was born in Nevada, am active LDS, and as much of a weirdo in my ward as I am here. I’m so faithful, however, that I don’t worry much about the environment.

I finished my freshman year in college about 8 years ago. It took two years and I majored in computer science for two weeks, then kept downsizing till I dropped out. Who knew computer science was so hard?

I’m married, 4 stepchildren, one lovely daughter, two deceased sons, 8 grandchildren. I’m 56. I live in Cedar City, UT, and I write a monthly column for the local paper.

Favorites: milky way, pink, Tootsie, love all books, The Office, and lately I’m onto Aliens in America.

Embarrassing moment: I seldom discuss this. I’m still embarrassed about it. When I was 18, I wrote a letter bitching about my roommate and best friend, who never paid her rent, and accidentally let her read it. Is that not like something I would do? I’m still embarrassed.

Pet peeve: barking dogs, noise, long talks and prayers, my next door neighbor, Ella, people who don’t answer my e-mails AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, TOO!

Come on, you guys, give :) Share with us!