I have been in some great Sacrament meetings, both spiritual and funny. A convert to the Church called Sacrament Meeting a “Spiritual Gong Show”, except we just need a gong to stop people sometimes. I wanted to share a couple of those experiences that just make up for those non-Spiritual Sundays that we (okay maybe it is an I here) have sometimes in the Church.

1) We had a member in a ward I attended who thought of himself as the “urban cowboy”. He was very nice although a little bit on the eccentric side. He loved to play his guitar and was quite good at it. He finally talked to Bishop into letting him play his guitar one Sunday during Sacrament Meeting. I don’t remember what the song was, but it was not a Spiritual song at all but a mix of a western and a polka sung while he was wearing a cowboy hat, boots and a bolo tie. By the end I could not look at my wife as we were both holding in some serious laughter.

2) We had a couple who played a musical number for us once on the French Horn as part of the annual Primary program. It was a beautiful piece. The Primary was sitting on the stand in the choir seats. At the end of the music, several of the kids jumped out of their seats and started clapping exuberantly at the beautiful music and most of the other kids followed suit. It was hilarious and added a little spice to the Primary program.

3) In Testimony Meeting one Sunday, a woman bore her testimony about how difficult it was for her to wean her daughter at age 3 as she loved breastfeeding. She was sobbing while talking about it. I was impressed as I have not heard the words breast and nipple used while sobbing during a testimony before. It was one of those moments where you really wanted to smile, but knew it might hurt her feelings to see some members smiling at her.

There are other experiences as well that I have had, but wanted to hear about others experiences in the Spiritual Gong Show that sometimes is Sacrament Meeting.