I opened Drudge Report to find this as the headline: “Warming Warning of ‘Unrecognizable’ Earth” http://www.drudgereport.com/ and I got to thinking about all the talks we’ve had on global warming on the bloggernacle and all the times I’ve infuriated people by blindly sticking by my man (in this case, God) and coming across unconcerned about this possible global crisis.

I’m concerned, mildly; not as concerned as I am about the mass murder in Darfur, or the safety of the young US troops in Iraq (my grandson could very well be one of them next year and several of my friends’ sons are there, it makes a difference, although not much, to contemplate the death of a young man you’ve watched grow up), or how I will find the energy to do what I need to do given my chronic illness, or how we’ll pay for the new addition on the house.

But, as I’m not prepared to simply cede this terrible thing that’s called the Iraq War to fulfillment of prophecy, I’m not completely unmoved.

Because for me, global warming isn’t some distant grave philanthropic, self-promoting cause (as I feel it is to Al Gore), it’s happening in my yard, in my neighborhood, in my town. I live in a valley at the edge of the Rocky Mountains — we have a ski resort. But little snow. Not for years. I’ve witnessed in my own yard that scripture that says you won’t be able to tell the seasons from the trees.

Here it is almost Thanksgiving and the last noticeable precipitation we had was months ago. We ration our water in the summers and have started doing small things like letting our lawn grow longer and just being content with a lawn that isn’t lushly green, but sometimes barely alive.

We could do more. We could take out our front lawn entirely, people are starting to do that here with rocks and interesting landscaping. We have a half-acre lot, maybe 1/3 of that is grass. That’s a lot of grass and trees. We probably have, no lie, 40 lilac bushes. Trees and bushes can do with less grass. We can take out the flowers in the front yard, or just have one or two little pots of flowers. We can take out half the lawn in the back and replace it with — I don’t know — astro-turf for the grandkids to run on.

Cedar just got a good recycling center, just barely. I’m going to go buy different colored garbage cans to recycle the aluminum, glass, and paper products.

We can down-shift our life. But we are one family. And we live in a small house that’s good for us. If all of America did the same, including all the Democrat celebrities — (heck even one of them probably uses more energy than Cedar City — Barbra Streisand has five huge houses on her property!) lived on what they needed, rather than that exorbitant lifestyle they call life as usual, we could make a considerable dent in the global warming problem. Just by all of us being moderate.

And then you take all the rich people all over the world and enforce the same rule, all of us living on what we truly need, instead of all the energy guzzling, and I think we could forestall global warming altogether.

But, even if I completely converted, born again, to the global warming stuff that you guys talk about, and Bill and I and every one of our neighbors did the same, we couldn’t make a difference unless everyone did it.

And I bet you money Al Gore would not be able to downshift his lifestyle to save his life. Or ours.