Bill and I love to watch TV. Bill even loves to watch the Academy Awards with me, he’s a funny guy. We’ve loved Law & Order, CSI, and Cold Case especially.

But those shows are getting to be downers, just always negative and depressing with really ugly story lines. Maybe it’s a God thing, or maybe it’s just us, but we’ve started to avoid them.

This fall my favorite show has been Dancing With The Stars. It’s wholesome, good TV. I love to watch the pros dance (Julianne is my favorite:) and I’ve come to enjoy Tom Bergeron’s quick wit. He catches the hypocrisy and calls people on it lightly.

There’s no child abuse, rape, murder, or deeply depressed investigaters who are dealing their sexual problems. Little kids can watch that show.

I love The Office, as well, but the show we’ve discovered and love and look forward to, in addition to DWTS, is Aliens in America.

We need more family comedy and some shows that the whole family can watch. We need Bonanza back.

In the meantime, I recommend Dancing With the Stars and Aliens in America. Good fun.