Stephen of Ethesis fame did a thought-provoking post on what will matter to us in eternity–how will we act, what will be important to us when survival isn’t the first priority.

He said it better than I can:

 But I came across this poem as I was searching for something to share with my visiting teaching ladies (they’re getting a poem and See’s candy instead of a visit, it will just have to do :):


I don’t fret

As to where

My soul will be assigned—

Whether I’ll find

Me with the Celestial

Or not quite


It’s simple:

Water meets

It’s own level—

So shall I.

-Carol Lyn Pearson

That’s how I feel. I truly don’t worry about eternity, except to know that there is so much more to life than this brief existence. While I constantly struggle with my faith in God and His goodness, I have enough to believe that whatever happens when I’m doing the best I can to serve Him (checklist be damned), will be the best thing for me and I will be happy there.

When I say that in Sunday School, I get a lot of shocked looks and people say, “Arlene, will you be happy living away from God?”
And I look back and say, “why do you think that will be the case?”

Again, I say, too much scorekeeping, too much judging in our church. I think God is going to welcome so many more of us home than the rest of us assume that in the long run, it just doesn’t matter as long as, as I said before, I’m doing the best I can to serve Him.