Things I Did Instead of Writing a Post:

  • Cleaned out my inbox. 107 unread messages. 230 unreturned messages. I’m down to 10.
  • Watched “A Train Goes Through Bangkok Market,” forwarded by my sister-in-law. That was unreturned message #157 (or so. I didn’t really keep track)
  • Perused an old TA’s blog. (linked to from unreturned message…you get the idea)
  • Perused an old roommate’s blog. (ditto)
  • Perused my sister-in-law’s blog. (ditto)
  • Perused Mormon Mentality.
  • Watched “Why I Love Kids,” forwarded by my best friend in elementary school.
  • Read about 50 permablogger messages from the good folks at Mormon Mentality (do I get kicked off now?)
  • Set up a Facebook profile.
  • Returned a message to a friend in Romania. Ce mai faci, ma? Mi-e dor de tine!

Things I Didn’t Do Instead of Writing a Post:

  • Wash the dishes.
  • Write the last 4 thank-you cards from our wedding spoils.
  • Wrap my family’s Christmas presents to put in the mail tomorrow.
  • Go running.
  • Finish Leviticus.
  • Close down my old Georgetown bank account.
  • Floss.
  • Make the bed.
  • Call my Visiting Teaching supervisor.
  • Make optometrist appointments for me and Dave.
  • Clean the bathroom.

Dave gave me an ultimatum tonight. “Write a post! Sheesh, it’s been a month!” This while eating left-over cherry pie right in front of me (No-Sugar November can’t end fast enough).

Sigh. It’s not that I don’t like writing posts. Look–there’s a whole list of things I like doing less than writing posts. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. I’ve been musing about a post on the manicure I just got the other day, and how it cost me precisely $1.80 per nail, and how I’ve wasted about $20 per hour fretting about whether they’re getting chipped on the filing cabinet and fax machine.

It’s that…thinking takes so much work. And deleting e-mails takes so little. Which is where cheating comes in. When I was in elementary school, I was instructed that cheating is what dumb kids did–kids who weren’t smart enough to know the right answer. So I didn’t cheat, because I wasn’t dumb. And I sure as tar didn’t want my teachers to think I was dumb. But I’m not in elementary school anymore. And now, thinking …. takes so much work.

Annegb, thanks for handling the fall-out from the Republican YouTube/CNN debate. Matt Bowman, thanks for musing on the nature of the Atonement and the soteriological subtleties that separate us from our sister churches.  Amira, thanks for reviewing Foreign Policy. A random John, my husband totally does the same thing–the dashboard clock in Lola the Corolla is 7 minutes fast and has been since we started dating (that’s how we knew we didn’t have to stop kissing when it said midnight).

Okay, I’m off to floss. And touch up the top coat on my right ring finger.