Bill and I watched the Republican debates last night, missing a bit here and there as we wandered around.  Mitt did okay, I feel he has a lot more going on under the surface, but hasn’t mastered the art of making his point in as few words as possible.  At times he seemed frustrated and lost.  I don’t agree with Bill Bennett that he “won.”

 I loved Fred Thompson’s manner and his answer about his guns:  “I have guns, but I’m not going to tell you how many or where I keep them.”

(Dan Ellsworth and I posted on the same topic, we’re combining here)

Here’s the link Dan gave.

 Rudy Guiliani did well, I think, in expressing himself, although he, too attacked Mitt, not on his religion, though.

Tancredo made sense, but he’s not a leader, he can’t express himself well and I think that will go against him.  Ron Paul, well, he sounds like a libertarian.  Huckabee, he’s cute.

I loved Mitt’s response about sending Hillary to Mars.

But he was asked a question about religion again.  It wasn’t addressed to him, it was “to all the candidates” but I recognized it for what it was.  A guy, who seemed stoned, to tell the truth, asked, “Do you believe in every word in this book?”  (Holding up the Bible) Then he sort of muttered several times, “this book and this book only.”

Guiliani gave a great answer.  He said that some of the bible wasn’t translated correctly and he didn’t believe it all, he didn’t think it all really happened, but he read it and he loved the Bible. 

 Mitt said, “I believe the Bible is the word of God.” 

Anderson Cooper cut in with, “Do you believe every word?” (which what the hell?)

Mitt stumbled at that point and then Mike Huckabee gave a small sermon on the bible.

This is what I think Mitt should have said (pointing to Guiliani):  “WHAT HE SAID.”

But there is another option:  he could have said, “I think that question is directed to me because I’m a Mormon and we believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. 

Then, he could have held up his hands and said directly to the camera, “Sir, my answer to your question is ‘Yes, I believe the bible, I believe it to be the word of God.  I have read that book many times and I study out of it regularly.”  Then I would pick two conflicting scriptures from the bible and asked the guy, “which do you believe?”

He could further say that he is a Christian, he believes in scripture and he respects the right of those who do not to believe whatever they please.  That is the beauty of America.

 He could discuss the different bibles.  He could have asked the guy which version of the bible he held up and said that he owned the King James version and he could have quoted some verses to show he knew what he was talking about.

 I could see his anger and frustration and I actually felt it as well.  That was a crap question.

He dodged some questions, too, like about torture and gays in the military.  He’s got to quit doing that.  Fred Thompson will score points for honesty.

Let’s see, what would I have answered about torture:  “I do not support torture.  I would support making a person uncomfortable to the point that they reveal who and how they are going to kill next, but not to the point of torture.  For instance, I think playing Mick Jagger ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ non-stop at the loudest frequency for two weeks would be making a person uncomfortable.  Water-boarding, I’m not as comfortable with.  Ultimately, at this point, I don’t feel that it would be appropriate to second guess this president and I will make a final decision when I am president.”

 Gays in the military?  He could have said, “I believe a gay man can serve just as capably as a straight man.  Many have and while homosexuality is an issue that I can’t fully empathize with, nor do I dismiss the heroic efforts of gays in the military thus far.”

Abortion?  “I support the right to life and the right to choose.  I do not support late term abortion.”

Of course, then he would be giving my opinions, but sometimes they’re better than his.

 I’m more on his side now and I’m inclined to vote for him just to spite that pot smoking bible waver.