The following was sent to after viewing this. I encourage others to share their thoughts with the program as well.

Dear Dr. McLaughlin,

I enjoy your show a great deal. I usually find it entertaining and informative. The most recent episode however crossed the line from provocative to offensive.

Commentator Lawrence O’Donnell’s uninformed ravings regarding Mitt Romney, Joseph Smith, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were hateful and offensive. I know that religion can be a touchy subject, but O’Donnell’s inability to express himself in a way other screaming falsehoods demonstrated a basic inability to have a civil, accurate, and articulate discussion of the matter at hand.

Certainly Mormonism has its warts and they deserve careful examination. The recent PBS documentary The Mormons did an admirable job of this. Your program has fallen short of the mark.

I ask that you either not invite Mr. O’Donnell back to pollute your program or that, in the spirit of fairness, you provide a weekly platform for bigots of all stripes. I suggest that you invite David Duke to discuss Senator Obama’s prospects and I’m sure you can find a ranting misogynist to discuss Senator Clinton’s merits.

I am a Mormon who has no intention of voting for Governor Romney after his many flip flops but I am saddened both by the bigotry that his candidacy has brought the to surface and the fact that many who would not tolerate similar hate speech directed at other groups willingly provide a megaphone when the topic turns to Mormons.

Mr. O’Donnell and others that leverage hate for political advantage should be denounced in the strongest terms possible.


[arJ’s note: I’ve removed my contact information from this copy of the email. Sorry guys.]