We have had a very snowy winter thus far in Boston with several storms dumping considerable amounts of snow such that we have 2 feet or so on the ground. It will be the most “white” Christmas I have seen in Boston in a long time. One of the more humorous things to me in my commutes is my fellow drivers behavior towards the snow on their cars. I have seen five types of drivers – the minimalist, the optimist, the climber, the obsessed, and the lucky.

The minimalist are those drivers who clear the smallest of holes in the windshield so they can peep out but don’t clear any other snow off of their car. They look like an igloo on wheels. These can be a little scary as they have no peripheral vision or rear view. You cannot tell if they are driving a semi or a mini. The optimist clears the windows but nothing else. They appear to hope that the wind will blow the snow off of the top of the car if they drive fast enough. These cars often look like some form of a white VW bus going down the street spewing white snow everywhere. The climbers are those people who clear every single bit of snow from their car to make it appear as if it were a garaged car when in reality it may be parked on the street. However, they want their co-workers to think their car is garaged. The obsessed are those people (myself included) who want every single speck of snow and ice removed from the car or else it will bother them the entire drive into work to see a spot of ice on the hood. Their cars often have scratches in the paint from the obsessive scraping. Finally, there are the lucky ones – those with garages. I am always jealous of them. You can tell them from the climbers as the luck ones will be sitting in their car without a coat or gloves on, while the climbers will have full winter regalia on as they are freezing to death from scraping their car. Oh, I love winter….