I can hardly believe eight years has passed since I put in all that food storage and prepared for Y2K.  You guys, our grandchildren could be preparing for the second coming, with us hovering unseen from the spirit world, as the rate God’s going.

 I used to make resolutions.  I stopped when I got sick and tired of trying to be good.  But I usually kept my resolutions.  It’s like a promise in my mind.

 So, here’s my start of resolutions, I’m determined to become a better person this year, with God’s help.

1-4  deal with the column I write for the paper which I may have gotten “fired” (it’s actually an unpaid, volunteer position) this week.  If not, I’m changing my evil ways.  Well, some of them.  Long story, got on a soap box, wouldn’t get off.  I had it coming, if they fire me.  I’m good with it.  It’s like being released from a calling.  No sour grapes, I enjoyed it, but still…nobody died.

5.  I’m deleting my personal blog–I don’t have time for it.

6.  I’m going to visit other blogs more often.  I feel somewhat isolated and out of touch.  I forgot why I haven’t had as much time. 

7.  I’m going to limit my blogging, time it somehow and figure out a way to include other things in my life, which are:

8.  Going back to my AA meeting

9.  Daily prayer and meditation

10.  I just got this idea today listening to Serenity and Roasted Tomatoes discuss their marriage and the church on Mormon Stories.  I’m going to ask God what He wants me to do and I’m going to listen.

One year, I made 12 resolutions.  I remember two:  make a quilt and bear my testimony.  I actually did all twelve and some of them, as I recall, were challenging.

 Same this year.

How about you?

 Oh, and if I get fired, I will have more time and I’m going to work on gathering information about my family.  Not genealogy, exactly, but all the information on my nephews and their families, etc.  Somebody needs to keep track.  That will be 1-4 instead.  :)