Mike Huckabee responded to a debate question about whether he raised taxes in Arkansas by saying, “I raised hope.” He then went on to justify his tax record by pointing out that no bridges were collapsing in Arkansas. This prompts a few obvious observations:

  1. Huckabee successfully transforms hope into the bane of taxpayers. Contra Emily Dickenson: this doesn’t float.
  2. There is no end to the depths to which he’ll sink in order to justify himself, even leveraging another state’s tragedy to tout his own gubernatorial record in ways that are both transparently trivial and incorrect. At least 49 other governors can say the same thing. Does that justify their tax policies?
  3. This link indicates that the bridge in Minnesota collapsed because of a design flaw, not due to poor maintenance and definitely not due to lack of taxes.

Mike Huckabee: Wrong on metaphysics. Wrong on ethics. Wrong on aesthetics. Wrong for America!

Seriously, this guy is a clown.