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Matt Mullenweg, “the founding developer of WordPress” will be sponsoring a WordPress meetup in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 2nd. You can read more about it here and here. It appears to be an open invitation to any and all interested local WordPress users, though they are asking for RSVPs to make sure there’s enough space for participants.

Many Bloggernacle participants have relied on WordPress for a long time. It might be cool if some of us can actually meet up with Matt and find out what he is like in person.

I wish I could attend – but I won’t be in Utah until the following weekend.

People who go to these meetups are often encouraged to bring along their laptops.

There have been some pretty exciting developments with WordPress as a company. You can read a bit about those developments at Matt’s own blog.

[Bookslinger, if you should happen to be in that area on that date, you’ll be interested to know that the event is to be held at the Taj India restaurant – though Matt’s principal language is English.]