Since we are heavily Republican on this blog, lets look across the aisle for a moment. I was puzzled by all of the excitement around Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Senator Obama. Senator Kennedy was touting how this country really needs change and that Barack Obama is the person to make the required changes. This is where I get confused.

(Let me caveat that I am from Massachusetts and of a moderate, democratic leaning inclination) If I am a Democrat clamoring for change in Washington, the last person I would want to tout as an endorsement is someone who has been in Washington for 30+ years touting the same basic mantra the entire time. Ted Kennedy is not an agent for change. Why Barack Obama would tout that is puzzling. As a voter in Super Tuesday’s election, it makes me less apt to vote for Obama and more apt to vote for Clinton. Am I alone in this thinking? To me it is akin to George Bush backing McCain – not an endorsement you want at this point.