A Mormon Bigfoot

Thanks to the esteemable Dallas Robbins (see comment number 9), for the past two years or so mine has been the email of choice for folks interested in finding out whether Cain is actually Bigfoot.

This has not been entirely a bad thing. Gmail’s pretty good about spam, and I’ve made a few interesting acquaintances. Their ranks, with one notable exception, are rather less wacky then you might expect. (I found the same to be true of the MUFON people, who asked me to present the paper at one of their Salt Lake City conferences.) They are also somewhat more numerous. Fortunately, the paper is now published,* and I can simply refer my new friends there (after assuring them – to their occasional disappointment, that I cannot provide them a smoking Bigfoot gun).

In any case, because I enjoy blogs that reproduce primary sources, I’ve decided to reprint my correspondence with one such investigator below. I’ve removed his name and everything he wrote, so what’s here are my words, slightly edited.

This hopefully will also provide interested readers with a survey of the paper.

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The Obama Dilemma

More politics. Sorry folks, I watched my very first live debate from beginning to end two weeks ago, and I have all of the exuberance of a new addict.

(N. B. I’m ashamed to say that until the age of…oh, 24 or so, I just handed my vote over to my dad, who diligently filled out an absentee ballot for me every November. Has anyone considered the political implications of large Mormon families with lazy college-aged children who allow their parents to vote for them?)

The kerfuffle (Curfuphle? Kurphufle?) among the Democrats these days is, of course, who’s going to win South Carolina, and All Things Considered did an interview this evening with a group of black female voters to find out whom they favored: Hilary the woman or Obama the black man?

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A Wonderful Column

My friend, Brent Holloway, has given me permission to print the column he wrote for our local paper yesterday.    I thought he had some profound points worth sharing.  It’s entitled “Balm of Gilead.” 

Courage.  Sometimes you see it in the most unusual places – even at church.

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My Impression of McCain from Tonight’s Debate

I stayed up after the debate to make this image of McCain, because it captures who McCain really is and what he stands for:

Wrong Again: McCain beats Romney

I regret that I must admit defeat in both follow-ups to my prediction of the events of the past week. Even so, being wrong in the past hasn’t stopped any of the professional political odds-makers from continuing to predict the future. Why should it stop me?.
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Thus Spake Nick Lachey

Yesterday in sacrament meeting a guy stood up to bear his testimony, which started out normally enough, but took a turn for the weird when he said he wanted to read the lyrics of a Nick Lachey song (“What’s Left of Me”). So he did. The entire song. I wondered if it was the first time ever that someone had quoted Nick Lachey from the pulpit. Which led me to further wondering about the most controversial person ever quoted from the pulpit. I remember hearing Bart Simpson quoted in a sacrament meeting talk several years ago, but I think the winner has got to be Elder Dallin Oaks at a BYU devotional quoting John Lennon’s “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” Of course, Oaks doesn’t cite Lennon, but rather the ambiguous, “Someone has said…” (Incidentally, Elder Tom Perry at General Conference in 1995 also once quoted Majorie Hinckely quoting this same phrase of Lennon’s.)

So who are other odd personalities you’ve heard quoted from the pulpit? Can anyone top Oaks quoting John Lennon?

Playing Matchmaker: Celebrities for Candidates

What is it with B-list celebrities and presidential candidates this season?

Mike Huckabee has Chuck Norris. Dennis Kucinich just appeared on Fox News with Viggo Mortensen. Barack Obama has Oprah. Fred Thompson has himself.

There’s something very theatre-of-the-absurd about all this. That’s why I’d like to see every candidate have their very own B-list celebrity following them around. So let’s try to match up a few more.

I think than some matches are obvious. Like Hillary Clinton and Pat Sajak. Or Rudy Giuliani and Liza Minelli. Or John Edwards and Gary Coleman.

But what about the less obvious candidates? Who should we match with Bill Richardson? Ron Paul? John McCain?

And the million dollar question (after all, we’re a Mormon blog): Who should we match with Mitt Romney?

Thoughts anyone?

Take a look around the room

I did a post awhile back about my ward and the struggles most of us had—I wanted to show that Mormons are just like everyone else, not weird or strange.  However, some of my co-bloggers felt it might be offensive (particularly to members of my ward :), most of whom don’t even know what a blog is), but I agreed and deleted it.  I’m glad I did.

 However, last Sunday I looked at each person in the room.  I know almost of them very well and consider most of them good friends.  A goodly percentage are like family to me.  Having no real family structure, I’ve made my ward my family. Read more »

False Prophet Alert: Huckabee won Iowa by a Mile

As Margaret Young pointed out in her recent comment on my post that incorrectly predicted the outcome of the Iowa caucus, Huckabee defeated Romney in the Iowa caucus by a larger margin than anyone predicted.

Bible-vomiting evangelicals bent on political suicide: 1
Republican establishment: 0
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EW’s love songs, and an observation from Provo

Entertainment weekly has posted a list of their top 25 love songs ever:


One of my favorite Provo bingo events is listening to hear the inevitable playing of a Howard Jones song on the radio or in a store when I’m shopping. I don’t understand the Howard Jones nostalgia in Provo; he is to Provo what the Bee Gees are to Brazil or what Lionel Richie is to the Middle East, never fading in relevance no matter how far the rest of the world moves on. Read more »

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