Well, folks, the time has come to quit your day jobs: Mormon Mentality got a shout-out in Des News’s weekly bloggernacle feature! I, for one, expect some sort of book contract to come rolling around next. Thanks, Emily Jensen, for spotlighting Mormon Mentality in this week’s article.

And while we’re on the subject, how many of you would want Emily’s job? I’m guessing the job interview went something like this:

“Ms. Jensen, we reviewed your resume and were favorably impressed. Would you consider taking on a new project here at Des News’s Mormon Times?”

“Certainly–what did you have in mind, Mr./Ms. Potential Employer?”

“We’d like you to spend at least 3 hours a day on-line reading posts and following the news of the bloggernacle. Feel free to comment if you’d like. In fact, if you can raise a point of controvery that generates over 100 comments, we’ll start talking about a raise. At the end of the week, you’ll write a column which highlights some of the bloggernacle happenings. Kind of a Bloggernacle Book Report.”

And the rest of us have to hide our bloggernacle addiction from our employers…

Job envy aside, I’d venture to guess that this new column will have a positive effect on the bloggernacle community–or at least on me. Knowing that my post could be chosen for “Most Poignant” will motivate me to spend a little more time thinking before I write. Or a little more time writing in the first place…

Well, back to my day job. Have a great weekend, folks! And thanks again, Emily.