As the U.S. presidential race continues, there are indications Barack Obama has more traction among Mormons than any other Democratic or liberal presidential candidate in recent memory. This seems to be due to Obama’s charisma and current political momentum and also due to a certain level of anti-GOP backlash by formerly enthusiastic Romney proponents.

I’ve seen some LDS bloggers openly state they are Obama fans and that if he wins the nomination, he already has their vote in the bag. At the same time, at least one Mormon blogger discourages traditionally conservative/Republican Mormons from voting for “the Senator with the most liberal voting record of 2007.”

Based on political issues or other considerations, many conservative LDS may still feel an obligation to vote for the Republican candidate.

Assuming that Obama does win the nomination and temporarily laying aside concerns about potential running mates …

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[Note: my vote is currently and officially undecided. I can imagine myself voting for either Obama or McCain.]