I used to visit so many blogs every day—I don’t have a clue how I had the time, but I sure had a good time. I miss that. Being a permablogger somehow takes more time than one would assume—so if you feel left out because a permablogger only visits their own group blog, please realize it’s not because we don’t want to read all the good stuff on other blogs. There’s so much!

I took some time Saturday, when I should have been cleaning or working on taxes or writing letters or cooking, to visit some blogs. Bill was fishing, so I thought I’d do my hobby :).

I’d like to highlight some really cool blog posts, though and urge you to visit them, if you have time. You guys, we have some really cool friends, with really cool minds and writing skills.

There’s Mormon Matters, Why I Am Not A Disaffected Mormon – this wonderful post by Andrew Ainsworth that reminds me why I’m a Mormon, wow, Andrew, well done! I nominate him for post of the year, officially. Aren’t we at Niblets time? I said I’d do it if Kurt wanted me to, I’m used to people being mad at me.

Mark Brown – Wearing the Badge – he reminisces somewhat longingly about his mission days on By Common Consent (although they stole our blogger and I’m going to fly to London and get him back, they are a darn good blog)

Bored in Vernal – Confession: I Just Want to Sit And Play the Harp – she read my mind or she’s channeling me, I do feel half dead these days :) BIV, I’ve been saying this for years. Celestial Kingdom and Heaven seem oxymoronic to me.

Eric James Stone took some killer pictures of the lunar eclipse. Wow, Eric. Just wow.

And Millennial Star is new and improved and easier to post on and to read. Nothing like an old favorite.

John on A Bird’s Eye View tells a truly faith promoting story

Kim Siever has an amusing post on a comment about The Bucket List

Here’s a cool blog that speaks to the Young Women leaders.

And I think this is a good discussion of early mission releases.

There is some really really good stuff on the bloggernacle. Two blogs are writing about the Danzigs. ARJ’s post on the Utah legislature’s (at least one of them) attempt to pass a bill freeing contracters of responsibility is important. That’s the beauty of aggregaters, thanks, guys!

PS I think I screwd up the pastes somehow. Be patient, somebody will fix it LOL.