mfranti is an FMH friend of ours who drops in from time to time, and she asked me to pass this along for comment:

My husband and I rarely talk about the Church. He’s happy to be half Mormon (the other half Lutheran) and he’s willing to accompany me to church on occasion as long as it’s not a powder day; we are there on time and I agree to iron his shirt-In that order, but we just don’t discuss my religion unless it has to do with YW’s, mutual or why I missed Sacrament-again.  So it came as a surprise when, as we were on our way to buy bike paraphernalia, he asks me in a very serious voice, “Can I ask you a question without you getting upset or defensive?” “Sure,” I say, defensively.

He asks:

As a non-member, you are approached from time to time by LDS missionaries. If you suggest their goal is conversion, they deny the idea outright, stating they simply want to share their faith and message of Christ. Yet when you attend an LDS church and listen to a talk on missions and returned missionaries, the topic of statistics (number of converted) always seems to come up. This, of course, is contradictory to the message you receive on the other end, making it seem disingenuous. Why does there seem to be two sides to the story?

You know, I didn’t have much to say (can you believe it?) and I couldn’t give him a suitable answer so I thought I’d run it by you RM/life long member types.

So what are your thoughts?