The Mormon Mentality servers have the honor of hosting the voting for the Niblets this year, and the voting has now commenced. Please do not lose your opportunity to vote in them.

The link to the voting page is here. Of course, we expect all of our loyal readers to vote early and vote often for Mormon Mentality and its permabloggers.

Congratulations go to the following Mormon Mentality participants:

  • Devyn S, who was nominated for Best Blogger and whose post “Mormon Grad Students on Welfare” was nominated for best post.
  • Brian Gibson, whose “My Heavy Boat” post was nominated for Best Post.
  • annedb, who was nominated for best commenter
  • all the commenters and bloggers who have helped to make this a great blog, so that Mormon Mentality was nominated for best blog and best large blog

Incidentally, I was contacted anonymously by Trash Calls to help with the Niblets voting. If I were to have gone with a survey site (like Survey Monkey or Free Online Surveys), then we’d either have to tolerate limitations or pay for an unlimited survey. I wanted a good survey, and I already pay to have my own server to host Mormon Mentality and LDSelect. So I just installed Lime Survey, an open source survey engine, and I set up the Niblets survey at no additional cost.

If anyone wants to conduct a survey, let me know. Now that the software is installed and running, I’m happy to put it to good use for anyone who can use it.