Did you have the pleasure of attending the General Young Women’s Broadcast last Saturday? I did. In the middle of the speakers, they did one of those hip new video segments. When it was anounced, I imagined maybe it would be a montage of young women performing good works all around the world with some stirring music. Or maybe young women bearing their testimonies of Christ in various mothertongues. What it actually was, I really could not have imagined.

The video segment began with a Young Women leader announcing that the young women in her ward had been struggling with knowing what kind of bathing suit to wear. Rather than simply telling the girls, she encouraged them to find out on their own through study and prayer. Then we heard from various of the girls talking about how that experience had brought them closer to Heavenly Father.

As I was watching this, I had a lot of thoughts and questions, not all Christ-like, and some conflicting. Here is a peek into my brain:

1–Is there an official Church answer the leaders could have given?
2–If we make a whole segment about this, are we somehow amplifying the importance of the issue?
3–Did all the girls arrive at the same conclusion?
4–If I searched the scriptures to find out what kind of bathing suit I should be wearing, wouldn’t I more likely find out I shouldn’t be swimming?
5–In a world-wide Church, is this a universal issue?
6–If this was the Aaronic Priesthood Meeting, would the segment be about a doctrinal issue instead of clothing?
7–Once I have received divine approval for my swimsuit, can I judge others who made a different purchase?
8–While I appreciate the effort to create an experience for the young women, could we not have centered it on a subject more important than wardrobe?

To add to my general dissatisfaction with the segment, we were never told what kind of bathing suit they concluded they ought to be wearing.