On Saturday, my wife and I went to a Chocolate Buffet at a restaurant in Boston. The entire buffet was chocolate based – a mix of white, milk and dark. There were tables heaped with different chocolate desserts, toppings, etc. It was amazing. There were at least 100 different items to taste including: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, different chocolate fruit tarts, a chocolate fountain with fruit for dipping to ice cream, chocolate crepes, chocolate cotton candy and assorted other tasty desserts. It was pure indulgence and worth the $30 each my wife and I paid – a splurge we rarely make.

Two things struck me while we were indulging. One was the fact that I really hope we can eat in the afterlife as there are few things more pleasurable than a great chocolate dessert. Eternity will be awfully long if there is no chocolate there :) I also felt a little guilty as here I was partaking of something that was purely for indulgence sake, while outside on the street there were homeless people walking around. Should I feel guilty?