Some time ago my little branch got a new leader. He was, in my opinion, an unlikely suspect, but frankly the likely suspects had already taken their turns.

Soon after he became branch president, this man spoke of a rash of near misses. Most of these included recreational vehicles and, ahem, stupidity (such as ignoring the amount of natural light available, ignoring impending bad weather, forgoing such precautions as studying maps, carrying a cell phone, GPS, or flares, etc.) As I listened to his tale, I became more and more irritated with the man because I love his family (who love him and depend on him) and he seemed to be putting himself in very dangerous positions because he enjoyed the thrill. I wondered what his family would have done without him. I wondered why this life-long sportsman was so reckless. I wondered what he had actually taught the Boy Scouts he regularly “trained.”

This man concluded that his life had been saved over and over in this series of events for a greater purpose: to be our branch president. I wondered what duty we have to take care of ourselves.

What do you think? Are there activities you would no longer consider prudent? Are there things you once would have enjoyed, but now seem too risky? As many things carry some risk and accidents do happen, where do you draw the line?