I am too chicken to wear pants to church. I want to. Every Sunday I look in my closet and think– I really want to wear these nice black pants or those comfortable nice gray pants, but then I end up putting on that same A-line black skirt or some other skirt and shirt combo. Why am I so hesitant to wear a nice pair of slacks? I am mostly afraid of what others would think of me — assume I am not respectful of the Lord’s house, or that I am trying to make a political statement. I think people would assume I have radical agenda and demand the priesthood or something. Really, I just like pants. I personally think nobody serving in the nursery should have to come in anything other than sweats, but that is another post.

So, ladies, do you ever wear nice pants to church? Do you know anyone who has worn pants to church? If you do know of women who have worn pants to church, were they all “feminists” (whatever that means)?

Men, what do you think of women who wear nice slacks to church?

Has Hillary Clinton ruined the LDS perception of the pantsuit?