The recent Earthquake in China has been a terrible tragedy. I have read several articles from CNN, AP and others that speak about China’s One Child Policy making parent’s pain and suffering worse when their only child was killed in the quake. To me that is one of the stupidest things I have read in awhile. I found this from the Shanghai Daily which was very interesting.

Below is an excerpt from the Shanghai Daily article:

“IF you have only one child and he or she dies, you grieve. If you have two children and only one dies, you grieve less. If you have three children and only one dies, you grieve even less.If you have three children and all die, sorry, it’s not my business to think of it. Such is the logic of the Los Angeles Times, CNN, The Associated Press, The Independent and many other major Western media. Sloppiness haunts them as their reporters race to blame China’s family planning policy for having “doubled the agony” of parents who have lost their only children in the Sichuan earthquake.
Here are their headlines:
“Parents’ losses compounded by China’s one-child policy” CNN, May 15.
“One-child policy adds to the grief of China quake” – Los Angeles Times, May 15.
“The only ones: how China’s single-child policy doubled the agony of parents” – The Independent, May 15.
“China’s one-child policy causes extra pain” – The Associated Press, May 16.”

It reminds me of my own personal experience with this. I had a brother who drowned when he was 2 years old. Many people (well meaning) told my parents that they should not be that sad given they had a lot of other kids. My mom would get so upset when people would say this as to her, the pain was horrific at losing a child, regardless of the others she had. To her, it was like the parable of the one lost sheep. The shepherd mourns over the lost sheep even though she has 99 others. This is how my mother and father felt over the loss of their son and I imagine how the mothers and fathers in China feel about their loss regardless of how many kids they have. As a parent, I would be devastated with the loss of a child regardless of if I had one or more (note I have two).