I have a stake calling in the Young Women’s organization and it has been quite an education. I have not worked in Young Women’s since I was a Laurel myself and I have not previously had a calling that required so much oversight and coordination.

Someone somewhere (before my time) decided that next year, our stake would do a Trek for Youth Conference. The idea does not thrill me, but clearly other people are interested, so I will not protest on the sole basis of not wanting to wear a bonnet (although I will not wear a bonnet). We traditionally do Youth Conference in early September, which is an awkward time for the youth, so had wondered about choosing a different time. Apparently, more important people than myself selected and approved a new month for Youth Conference next year: February.

Yes, a Pioneer Trek in February. In upstate New York.

How crazy is this?

As a leader, I don’t think I can be there. If I were the parents of a youth, I don’t think I would send my child. True, we western New Yorkers are a hearty breed, but I don’t think the original pioneers would have chosen to trek in February, and we are way wussier than them.

Tell me how I can talk my stake out of this.winter trek