This evening I received a notification in Facebook that someone I knew (who was in my friends list) had sent me a message on my FunWall (as it is called).  I logged into Facebook to see what it was and was surprised to see an inappropriate image with the message “press forward to see what happens.”

I know the person who inadvertently sent this to me, and she would never have done this deliberately.  It’s just not her style.  But I know why it happened because I fell for the same trick.

I was very perplexed as to WHY this person would forward THIS image to me and in my moment of confusion I used my cursor to hit “forward” just as it told me to do.

In that same moment I realized that this action had forwarded this same inappropriate image to all the people in my friends list.  Very embarrassing.  To say the least.

Whoever created this little spam message figured out how to code it so that it would automatically mark off all the friends in your list and knew how people would reflexively respond to the message.

I’m more than just a little embarrassed that this happened and I’ll probably have some explaining to do.

Since I fell for it, I just want to warn anyone who reads this post.  If you get a similar message with a message to “press forward to see what happens” … DO NOT DO IT.

I googled about this problem and found that it is being referred to as “slide spam.