I should say from the outset that I like Sen. Obama and will probably be voting for him in the fall. Tonight I watched the press conference where he discussed his separation from Trinity United after video has surfaced of his church welcoming and cheering on a nutty, pandering white preacher named Rev. Michael Pfleger.

Out of all this, I have a few questions for the Huffington Post:

  1. Why have you not printed a thorough, lengthy defense of Rev. Pfleger, as you did for Jeremiah Wright?
  2. If Wright’s views were actually well-founded or he was speaking in a legitimate “prophetic” voice, is Sen. Obama doing as Wright asserted, making a dishonest political move in distancing himself from Wright and Trinity? Is Sen. Obama in the wrong here in emphatically rejecting a prophetic message?
  3. What would make you feel the need to counter Sen. Obama’s assertions that Wright’s message is actually false, divisive, and destructive?
  4. What is it called when white liberals like Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Rev. Pfleger go to black churches and do jaw-droppingly embarrassing imitations of what they think their audience wants to see? If a Republican did that, would you call it racism?

I think Sen. Obama made the right decision in calling Rev. Wright’s ideas exactly what they are, then treating Rev. Wright like the petty, vindictive, small person he is, and now distancing himself from a church that celebrates and defends ideas that are contrary to his message for the country. So for me, there is no dilemma here in Sen. Obama’s behavior. But I’m not sure how Lecia Shorter at the Huffington Post feels about her lengthy article defending a man who has now become Sen. Obama’s adversary. And I really look forward to reading the even greater mental gymnastics it will take for someone to write a defense of Rev. Pfleger.