My sister decided to serve a mission.

Luckily, she had no “issues” that made her suspect in her mission interviews.

Unluckily, she was a girl, so each interview included a section where she assured the interviewer that she was not turning down any proposals and, in fact, had no romantic prospects whatsoever to prevent her from service (and thanks so much for the reminder).

Luckily she was eager and set to go as soon as she turned 21 and took that whole semester off school, so she could leave at any moment.

Unluckily, her call was to start during the next semester (forcing her to get a job and [gulp] work).

Luckily, she was called to serve the Lord and his children.

Unluckily, she was not called to serve in Denmark (we ALL have dreams).

Luckily, she only had to spend 3 weeks in the MTC.

Unluckily, it was still the MTC.

Luckily, she LOVED her trainer.

Unluckily, her trainer went home.

Luckily, she participated in all forms of work, including teaching and preaching as missionaries do.

Unluckily, one act of service included cleaning a house of someone in her ward who had a pet rat which ran free in the house and perched on her head as she scrubbed baseboards.

Luckily, she thought this was funny.

Unluckily, the rest of us were convinced she had lost her mind for not minding a rat sitting on her head.

Luckily, she became a trainer herself.

Unluckily, her companion was sick.

Luckily, they did all sorts of work anyway, just slower than usual, to give companion naps and take her to the doctor.

Unluckily, the companion was diagnosed with mononucleosis.

Luckily, it is a mission rule that missionaries with mono go home so they don’t infect others.

Unluckily, my sister got mono anyway.

Luckily, she came home to recuperate for just over a month and was then able to resume her mission.

Unluckily, her mission was almost over.

Luckily, she got a cool assignment to go around and work with all the sister companionships in the mission and could revisit all sorts of old friends and comrades she loved.

Unluckily, she was in a bike accident and broke her ankle and tore ligament and needs surgery and is now returning early from her mission for the second time.

Luckily, her family has a second chance to meet her at the airport to welcome her home and hope (this time) to arrive BEFORE she does so we don’t have an anti-climatic reunion at the baggage claim (again).

Welcome home sister!

Please share mission stories below that will make my sister feel less like the unluckiest missionary ever.