I’ve been reforming my RSS reader a bit, trying to get it a little more under control, and consequently the topic of LDS blogs (and which ones I want to read) has been on my mind a little bit lately.

I used to try to keep up with all the Mormon blogs and then when that became impossible I wanted to try and keep up with all the ‘big’ Mormon blogs. Now that isn’t so possible either and it may not even be desirable.

The LDS blogging community has grown/expanded/changed substantially in recent years and no doubt it will continue to grow as blogging becomes more and more ubiquitous. There’s enough going on now that a person has no choice but to be selective. Within the LDS blogging community, one can choose to read or not read orthodox blogs, non-orthodox blogs, liberal blogs, conservative blogs, feminist blogs, mommy blogs, apologists, solo blogs, group blogs, history blogs, political commentary blogs, tech blogs, literary criticism blogs, evolution blogs, snark blogs, etc. and etc.

The LDS blogging circle keeps expanding and there are more and more niches being filled – often enough a particular niche is covered by multiple bloggers. Of course, the more the LDS blogging community grows and specializes itself, the more selective a reader has to be.

Some questions for our readership, if they are interested. What LDS blogs do you choose to read or not to read? What makes you want to read a particular LDS blog over others? What do you love, hate or feel indifferent about – in regards to LDS blogging? What do you want more of and what do you want to see less?