I thought the US inflation rate was high- Zimbabwe’s is so bad that they are knocking 10 zeros off of their currency tomorrow – that means that what is worth 10 billion dollars today is worth 1 dollar tomorrow.

This was after the country issued a new 100 billion dollar note that was not enough to buy a loaf of bread. Inflation there is running in the millions of percent – while the US was under 10 percent. I checked on one of the currency exchange calculators and 1 US Dollar buys 57,381,544,140 Zimbabwe Dollars – thats 57 Billion Zimbabwe dollars for 1 US dollar. Mugabe has basically destroyed what was once one of the stable African countries. It all seemed to go downhill with the taking of the white-owned farms. Now they are having a political fight that won’t end. I wonder how the poor members and missionaries there are getting along? It certainly puts the US problems into perspective.