Every Summer my wife and I do our pilgrimage to Utah to visit family, attend family reunions, etc. We just returned from our annual visit. Usually I am convinced that I could never live in Utah after each visit and more than happy to go back to Boston. However, this visit, for the first time I thought “I could live there”. Here’s why I could live there:

1) My kids would have a much better chance of having friends with good values
2) People don’t live to work – the 40 hour workweek does exist
3) The streets and cities are clean
4) The mountains are beautiful providing a lot of outdoor activities close to home

However, after I thought more about it, I really could not live there, here’s why:

1) My wife and I would have a much poorer chance of having great friends
2) My wife works and kept her maiden name which would be a negative in many people’s minds
3) There are way too many Mormons there which creates minimal diversity
4) People in Utah live to shop – the culture is very consumer focused and everyone’s asks how big your house is and how much you paid for it
5) The Republican Party is too dominant
6) Not enough Red Sox fans
7) I would sure have to eat my words :)

Nonetheless, after 15 years of living away from Utah, I am beginning to appreciate the good that is there to the point that I could almost, almost imagine living there. Who knows, another five years and the good may far outweigh the bad. Getting old does funny things to you.