I have a friend who was telling me about his family. He happens to be an active member of the Church. His family has some problems and there are certain members of his family whom he does not really like very much. He has little in common with them and disagrees on nearly everything with these family members.

He said that he has been thinking a lot about the “familes can be together forever” concept and he is not sure how much he likes it when it is applied broadly. He thinks it is wonderful for his wife and kids and himself if they can be together forever, but not sure he wants to be with certain parts of his extended family forever (e.g., siblings and/or parents). He also mentioned that he has some friends with whom he and his wife and kids are very close and he would rather be linked to those friends eternally than to parts of his family (since these friends feel more like family to him). I have felt like this at times when my wife and I have met friends with who we know will be lifelong friends with and with whom we have much stronger bonds than with some members of our own families. It gets back to the old adage “you can pick your friends but not your family”. So can I pick whom I am sealed to beyond my spouse and children (assuming that everyone makes it to the appropriate kingdom)? It also makes one wonder how “fixed” sealings are and what “being together forever” means. Do I really have to spend time with my ancestors from the 1500s if I don’t like them (perhaps more correct, if they don’t like me)?