I was watching the news last night and there was a story about the uproar caused by a blog entry made by a pizza delivery person.  It seems that Curtis Bramble didn’t behave himself very well and is a crappy tipper to boot and now people are hearing about it.  I’ve been inspired to do a write up on my own encounter with Utah’s State Senate Majority Leader.

A few weeks ago Sandy, UT had a hot air balloon festival and I took my son to watch the balloons land.  Senator Bramble was piloting one of the balloons.  My son wanted to look up inside it so I walked over to the balloon with him.  I recognized the guy in the basket as Senator Bramble, though he was handing out business cards just in case anybody didn’t know how important he is.  I also noticed Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan standing nearby, he was much more low key.  From his perch (rameumptom?) he was ranting about how he has much more leadership experience than Senator Obama and that Senator Obama voted “present” too often as a state senator.  He then went on and on about how he never votes present.  He failed to mentiond that’s because legislators in Utah are encouraged (perhaps required?) to vote yes or no on every bill even if they are conflicted.  And believe me, they’re a conflicted bunch.  In fact it seems to me that many bills in our legislature are even sponsored by legislators that are conflicted, which is turning into government of the developers, by the developers, and for the developers.  In any case it seemed clear to me that Senator Bramble believes himself to more than qualified to be President of the USA.  Good for him.  I have no doubt that he sincerely believes that Obama is completely unfit to be President, which is fine.  I feel the same way about McCain.

I should note that I have no idea why Obama voted “present” so often.  I doubt he was conflicted on all those votes.

Then things got interesting.  His son was helping take down the balloon and Senator Bramble starts screaming at him in a way that I thought was very inappropriate given the facts that he’s surrounded by people and he’s just told us how great of a leader he is.  And what was it that his son needed to do so urgently?  He needed to be chased by the dog.  Now Senator Bramble has someone produce his dog for him.  It is a pretty large dog, very muscular, perhaps a boxer.  At this point I’m a bit nervous about him egging the dog on so I pick up my son and put him on my shoulders.  He then commands the dog to “get ’em” and takes the leash off.  The dog races across the park and begins chasing his dutiful son.

What’s wrong with this, aside from the screaming?  Well, I’m sure that the dog is a gentle giant, but the park is clearly labeled as only allowing dogs on leash.  Here’s the highest ranking lawmaker in the state blatantly ignoring the law because it suits him in front of the mayor and several police officers.  He’s just finished a discourse on what a great leader he is.

You may not think this is a big deal, but both my wife and I have been attacked by “friendly” dogs.  I don’t want my children to be in an environment in which there are unfamiliar dogs that weigh several times more than they do being told to chase after people.

I was left wondering if what sort of sense of entitlement this guy is experiencing, and wishing I had said something.  I wasn’t going to post this, but after reading about the way he treated the pizza girl I have no problems with piling on.