UPDATE at 10:28 AM: Carl “Campaign Carl” Cameron of Fox News reports that he has confirmed that Palin is the nominee.

The VP story is pretty strange on one level: Obama wraps up Delaware. McCain wraps up Alaska.

On another level, it’s pretty exciting: We have an historic election no matter which way the election goes: Obama gives us the first black president, and McCain gives us the first female vice president.

CNBC’s John Harwood is reporting that it’s Palin.

Rumors are that Palin was spotted yesterday evening in Ohio, so that she’s already there.

Time Magazine released information confirming this based on flight info from a private Jet owned by a McCain backer.

ABC reported at 8:45 AM that Palin’s spokesperson says that she’s still in Anchorage and planning to attend a state fair.

Fox News’ Carl “Campaign Carl” Cameron reports that senior McCain officials have indicated that it’s not Romney.

Last night, Redstate reported that it’s Pawlenty.

This morning the The Minnesota Star Tribune sites a 6:25 AM radio interview from this morning where Pawlenty himself said he will not be in Dayton; he’ll be at a state fair just like Palin.

Where did I get this info? RealClearPolitics’ Veep Watch Blog

The truth is that it’s anybody’s guess and the McCain campaign has engaged in a clever counter-intelligence campaign to keep everybody talking about it all morning. Nice strategy: Clear the pallet from Obama’s speech before your own announcement by fueling speculation.

If you look at InTrade, people are putting their money on Palin. Pawlenty has dropped to 1, Romney has recovered to about 10, and Palin’s hovering between 85 and 90.

On InTrade: Pawlenty faltered all night long, dropping from a high yesterday evening of about 90 to about 50, then finally beging to tank at about 7:00 AM this morning by dropping below 10. At the same time, Romney went up to to 80 and quickly crashed below 5. Palin began to surge at about 8:30, tanking briefly during Romney’s peek, and then turning around within minutes to go to 90. Chances are, they’re just responding to the news releases like those at RealClearPolitics’ Veep Watch Blog.