Last night while working in my job at a private girls school, I told several girls about the selection of Sarah Palin for the VP candidate. They hadn’t heard about this yet.

One of the girls said she’s supporting McCain and I told her that surprised me because most of the young people I know are Democrats. She said no, she’s a Republican.

Another girl loudly shared her Republican convictions and another girl began to discuss the Republican and Democratic party platforms. Which surprised me no end since these girls are all younger than sixteen.

One of the “young Republicans” declared that the Democrats favor abortions. I said, “No, they’re pro-choice, that’s different.” She looked incredulous and asked, “Really.”

And we got into a rather loud discussion (not an argument) on the meaning of pro-choice, pro-life, and pro-abortion.

I was impressed with the depth of the girls’ knowledge about the parties and their concern about issues. I was impressed by their dedication to their own beliefs and standards. These are the young people who will determine our future. Heavy on the young, but they’ll grow and learn.

However, I wonder how many believe that—Democrats, pro-abortion. There’s a vast difference between being pro-abortion and being pro-choice. We Mormons should celebrate the decision of choice. Rather, especially here in Utah, we decry that sentiment and go right to the castigation of those who decide to have an abortion. How many middle-aged voters believe, just like those teenagers, that Democrats want us all to go out and abort our babies?