My current wardrobe is (sadly) not much different from the one I had in high school. In fact, some of it is, um, identical (I really need to purge and grow up). Despite some major changes that have occurred in my life in the last year (going from stay-at-home mom to employed professional; the metamorphosis from lactator to normal adult to gestator), the major changes to my appearance have been caused by the presidential campaign.

First, my regular rotation of t-shirts has been invaded by Obama wear. I like wearing them, and do it on a regular basis–it is my contribution to the campaign. When I first started wearing them (in the primary season), I got a pretty even response of smiles and thumbs ups and frowns from people who felt that it was “Hillary’s turn.” Nearer to Super Tuesday, my shirts encouraged many people to inquire about voting–where they ought to vote, if they could vote, etc. Now, I hear “nice shirt” just about every time I wear one, with occasional inquiries about where to get one. I do wear them to Church events (not really on purpose, but it has happened) and I always get complimented. This is the shirt that people like the best.


Then, John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. It just so happens that this rising star of the Republican Party frequently used my hairstyle. For several years, I have fallen prey to this twist because it is very very easy. But I couldn’t keep it, obviously. So I promptly (within days) got a much shorter (and Democratic) haircut. Sure, it means I occasionally have to think about and rearrange my hair, but at least I don’t look like a moose hunter anymore.



As I was driving home, I noticed this sign about a mile from my house

I am not currently in need of any frames, but the sign made me smile. Is this the first Republican to be a force in fashion?