We call it “the bailout.” The official name of the outcome of a full week of bipartisan negotiation — arguably the most important legislative process to take place in our generation — was “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.” Pelosi barely managed to carry a majority of her own party; 40% of Democrats voted against the bill.

This is an alarming fact: Speaker Pelosi leads the House with a comfortable majority (233D to 202R). She had a full third of the Republican members on her own side, which is more than enough to give her the cover of “bi-partisanship” needed for such a controversial vote. To be sure, Americans hated this bill, so strong leadership was more important today than at any other moment of Speaker Pelosi’s tenure. On an issue this important, a strong leader would have ensured that the bill being voted on was worth passing, and that it did pass. This defeat of this bill makes Speaker Nancy Pelosi the portrait of failed leadership.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the head of the least popular House of Representatives ever. With more than 2 years to effect some kind of result, it’s difficult to point to a single accomplishment under her tenure beyond historic changes to eatery menus in the US Capital that reflect her own elitist tastes.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi should resign.

Editorial note: I’d edited out the phrase “that reflect her own elitist tastes” by the time I was ready to publish this, but somehow it made its way back in.