I’m not. But then I’m older and more settled and have no hungry little mouths and tiny feet to keep shoes on.

Not that we’re content; we’re scared, as well. We’ve lost a big chunk of our retirement savings and will probably continue to lose it. We’re still making house payments and Bill’s a car salesman for General Motors, which is definitely on the front lines of this financial crisis. We’re more fortunate than the families of young car salesmen starting out–Bill has established clientele and seniority, and only a few years till he retires.

Although he’s swearing he’ll work till he’s 70 and that we have no money to retire on and we’re still making house payments. Now that I’m working, albeit part time and making a low wage, I’m paying for most of my own expenses. With that long six month rest I got when we were separated, my health is even better, and my medical bills are lessening. I hope I can maintain my health. (It will involve a messier house than Bill’s used to, but so be it.)

But we’re nervous. Not scared to death, just nervous. We have a lot of food and other staples put away. We wouldn’t starve, nor would our children, if it came down to it. We do worry about our kids and their kids. We worry for the young families, the young breadwinners finishing college and just starting out, the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Our financial counselor advised us to hold firm, to not take our money out of the stock market and put it in money markets, (whatever that is) and we’ve taken his advice, even though we lose a bundle every day. We feel this is one way we can give back to society, doing our part to hold things together until the market stabilizes.

There are a few things the newscasts don’t discuss. They don’t talk about the existence of a God who loves and cares for his children. They think they, the economists, and the scientists are on their own figuring this out. Of course they’re not and we must never discount the power of faith and prayer in dealing with the financial problems the world, not just America, is having. They don’t talk about the second coming of Christ and the fulfillment of prophecy.

I’d like to put this out there: Do not panic. God is still in His heaven, he still has a plan for each and every one of us and for this great country. Further, no one is alone. I will help those that I can help, and if I will, so will others. I recommend taking things “one day at a time” doing the best we can, and leaving the results in God’s hand.