We’re proud to introduce yet another new voice to the bloggernacle: John Marshall. John is a constitutional scholar with a passion for carefully defining the particulars of legal disputes. Having grown-up in the American West, John is proud to have transplanted himself to the East Coast, where he lives with his wife and 3 children and practices appellate law.

Lest anyone fear that Mormon Mentality is going down the drain by introducing a lawyer into our midst, rest assured that we thought long and hard about this one. John isn’t just any lawyer — he’s an honest lawyer, which separates him from the army of typical lawyers drawn to the law because it provides a non-felonious outlet for their criminal tendencies.

Aside from studying, practicing, and expounding the law, John enjoys trying to explain the 9th Amendment and studying church history with an emphasis on our rich Mormon heritage that is all too often (and all too mistakenly) viewed as controversial.

Please join is in welcoming John Marshall.