This morning I went down to the lobby of our apartment building to pick up the morning paper.  Prominently printed on the front page of the New York Times was the following article title:

Mormons Tipped Scale In Ban on Gay Marriage

I am putting up the link here because I think as Mormons we should read it and realize that the press will be writing about this issue for some time to come.  We are going to have to think about how to talk about this with co-workers, friends and others.  It has already become a subject of conversations I have at work with co-workers and quite frankly, I wasn’t very prepared.  While I fully support the traditional LDS view of morals and the law of chastity and of marriage, I did not contribute to the Prop 8 campaign or play any kind of role in promoting it.  To some degree I was content to let them fight it out in California.  But I believe the success of Prop 8 has turned this into a national issue and that this issue will not go away anytime soon.  I suspect all of us, collectively and as individuals, will have to figure out, one way or another, what we think about this and what we want to say about it.

I have seen some blogger comments saying that the issue and the controversy are causing them to re-think their membership in the LDS Church.  I just want to make it clear that I am not, in any way, party to that kind of thinking.