I was thinking about the different Prophets the Church has had over the last 178 years. I atteneded a fireside by Greg Prince last weekend wherein he discussed President McKay based on a recent book Greg wrote about President McKay. I have been reading a lot about President McKay as well and I think he is my favorite Latter-Day Prophet. President McKay seemed to be a very warm, loving person who saw things in shades of grey at times which enabled others to thrive under him – four good examples are his treatment of Sterling McMurrin when others were trying to get him excommunicated, his compassion and attempts to get the Priesthood ban removed, his attempts to “corral” JFS and BRM, and his use of a female secretary, Claire Middlemiss despite the precendent of using male secretaries. President Hinckley and President Kimball are also two additional favorites of mine. What about you?