Thank God it isn’t Secretary of Health and Human Services. I think this is a good position for her in many ways. Plus Bill Clinton is incredibly charming. I feel okay about it. I’m trying to open my mind a bit about the Clintons. I believe they’re amoral in many ways and power mad, but they are certainly gifted and may add to our country’s stature at this time.

I’m wondering how Colin Powell will be rewarded for supporting Obama. I came to despise him when I was fighting with the military about the suicides. He just wouldn’t take a stand and I started to notice how good he is at not taking a stand. Although I’ve wondered if this hasn’t been a self preservation tactic as he struggled to overcome bigotry in the military–and in life as he grew up. Maybe he learned not to make waves. Had he been a wave maker, I would have supported him for president a long, long time ago. I always got the impression he didn’t really like the Republicans, but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be a big cheese.

I watched Joe Lieberman today on Meet The Press and I thought, “Dang, he seems like a good guy, he would make a good president.” He was advocating for some action on the car companies before President Obama comes in (I don’t expect much, though, from Bush).

Oh, politics. At least Hillary isn’t going to come in and make a great big mess out of our health system. I sure think we need to do something, but I also think we have the best health system in the world and I wonder how socializing it would put an end to that. Although, didn’t Obama have a similar plan? Many think we’re headed into socialism anyway; no clue there. At the moment, we’re watching our 401K balance drop on a daily basis and considering how we might have to fit in our kids if they can’t pay their rent.