The ward executive secretary texted me this morning about an hour before PEC began. He informed me he was out of town and “woke up in a cold sweat” realizing he had forgotten to send out the PEC agenda. As a former executive secretary, I sympathized with his plight. While sending out the agenda each week isn’t an onerous task, it’s still just one more weekly thing to worry about that everyone will know if you haven’t done. Which got me thinking: Of all the callings at the ward level, which is the most stressful? For this discussion, let’s limit it to the ward council members. Here’s my ranking, from most stressful to least:

1. Bishop
2. Relief Society President
3. Primary President
4. Ward Clerk
5. YW President
6. YM President
7. Elders Quorum President
8. Bishop’s Counselors
9. Ward Mission Leader
10. Activities Chair
11. High Priest Group Leader
12. Sunday School President

I don’t think that the YWP is inherently more stressful than the YMP, but I think that for a variety of reasons YWP ends up being a more stressful job. Does EQP or HPGL deserve a higher ranking? Can anyone argue with a straight face that SSP is not the cushiest job on the list? What does your list look like and why?