Kathy Soper is a class act and an asset to our blogging community. The book “Gifts” which was a compilation of the experiences and perspectives of parents of Downs Syndrome will have a lasting positive effect on the lives of countless people. Reading it raised my consciousness and I have gifted it to others.

She’s done it again with her latest effort “The Mother in Me, Real World Reflections on Growing into Motherhood.” Young mothers are the true heroes and saviors of the world as they raise those who will lead us into the future—and possibly, the millenium. Tough times ahead, I predict.

As I read each woman’s story of mothering (there are many names we’ll all recognize from the bloggernacle, Johnna Benson Cornett, Heather Oman, etc….), I felt a little envious. I so wish I’d had this resource when I was raising my kids. I, like so many others, compared myself, beat myself up, and often gave up in despair of ever getting it right. I tried so hard and worked so hard and measured myself by the result and not the effort.

The stories reek of honesty and also with hope. Like Segullah, the tone is gentle but not sugar-coated. Mormon women need more talk like this and less preaching. I wish the Ensign would take a page from this book and speak with us instead of at us, as I feel they so often do.

I recommend this book to all, even (maybe especially) young fathers who might be struggling to understand their wives. Thank you, Kathy, and keep up that good work! (Maybe your next compilation could be from young fathers!)