With the recent passing of both President Hinckley and Elder Wirthlin, I did a little digging into recent deaths and ages of the Apostles. In the last 4 years we have lost President Hinckley, Elder Haight, Elder Faust, and Elder Wirthlin (Note added: thanks to Sam, I forgot Elder Maxwell) – all of whom were 87+ years old and some of my favorite Apostles. Of the remaining Apostles, Elder Perry is now the oldest at 86, with Elder Packer at 84, Elder Nelson at 84, President Monson at 81 and Elder Ballard and Elder Scott at 80. Of these longer tenured Apostles (20 years +), Elder Oaks is the youngest at 76. Within the newer Apostles, you have Elder Hales as the oldest at 76, Elder Eyring at 75, Elder Holland at 68, Elder Cook at 68, Elder Uchtdorf at 68, Elder Christofferson at 63 and Elder Bednar at 56. So to summarize, there are 6 that are 80+, 3 at 70+, 4 at 60+ and 1 50+.

I draw a couple of conclusions from this:

1. Elder Bednar is 30 years younger than many of the senior Apostles which is astounding to me that there is such a large age range. Sort of sets him up to be Prophet at some distant future day I suppose. Of course, when President Monson was called at age 32, President Smith and McKay were 50+ years older than him.

2. So we effectively have two very different groups in the 12, those born around the Great Depression, and those born around World War II effectively spanning two generations.

3. Of the current Apostles, only President Monson, Elder Perry and Elder Packer were Apostles for all of my effective life, while all of the others I can remember the conferences when they were called. It makes me sad to say good-bye to those Apostles I remember from my youth.

4. It seems we have had a changing of the guard in many ways over the last few years (5/15 new Apostles) as the Apostles as a group had served from 1994-2004 without anyone dying.

5. I feel like it takes me 5 years of listening to conference talks before I feel like I have a connection to a new Apostle, so I have yet to feel a connection to the newer Apostles.

6. It is strange to think that President Monson is in his 80’s as he was always so “young” to me…

7. The Church marches onward and no one person is irreplacable.