Bill and I were on quite a roll financially until last year. We were starting to gleefully open our retirement and annuity statements each month and plan all the trips we’d take, you get the picture. Our house is warm and comfy and appreciating nicely. Life looked fairly rosy.

Well, I’m not sure which hit first, but our marital problems and the economic downturn have changed that glee to not a little trepidation. Bill sells cars for a GM dealership. Sales have been down for several months and we’ve had to raid our savings to pay the bills. My moving back and forth have brought about enormous expense in various ways.

I’m working now and my job will bring with it insurance which will save us about $500, give or take, a month. I’ll be able to contribute to a 401K which they will match. I’ll even be able to take some college classes on the boss!

So I’m now pulling my weight and in that way we’re better off because Bill isn’t dealing with massive credit card surprises or a splurge at Wal-Mart which puts our budget out of whack. That’s the good news.

We’re wondering, thought if we should take our money out of our retirement altogether, pay off all our bills and stick the rest in the mattress. What do you guys think? Bill’s 61 and in good health. I’m 57 and I’m really really old in my body.

We’re also asking God, but we’ll consider all advice :)