Divine Nature

Individual Worth


Choice and Accountability

Good Works


If those don’t ring any bells with you, they are the seven Young Women values around which the Personal Progress program is based and which YW the world over chant each Sunday (why are they the only auxiliary that chants its’ theme?  I really want to know).  Effective immediately, Virtue is to be added to the list.  New posters (to assist in chanting) and Personal Progress materials are due out in the next few months.  Yes, this means that getting the (highly coveted) Personal Progress medallion just got a little bit harder.

According to the Church website, Virtue “encompasses chastity and moral purity.”  I believe this is an effort to focus on the temple and temple-worthiness.  Believe me, I love the idea of teaching Young Women about the temple OUTSIDE the context of their marriage.  But did we really lack Virtue before?  It seems if Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, and Integrity didn’t teach you about morality and purity, I am not sure a new word will.

But what you REALLY wanted to know: the color for Virtue will be gold.